DJI FPV Drone Leak Update – DJI banned in US?

Dji Fpv Drone Leak Update Dji Banned In Us

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Today, the latest on the DJI FPV Drone and what this DJI Ban is and isn’t!
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Two more images have leaked of the dji fpv drone. The release is around the corner. Can’t wait to chat with you guys in the comments!

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  1. I'm not in the USA currently but have heard about the news that DJI will be banned from the USA. The current president Trump have sign the official ban. But I have watched a few other similar videos like this and they all said that DJI will not be banned and will still be able to sale their product in the USA. So we'll see what will happen. Since Trump will be stepping down from the president's seat early next year and Biden will be taking over the next president. Maybe by than he might have a different view on this and remove the ban make everything back to normal again. To know for sure that DJI is still able to sale their product in the USA is to wait for that new FPV drone or maybe on what Biden's opinion will be on this because so far there are no comments from him yet. The presidents always have the power to change something or add something to the law. I too uses DJI drones only. Currently have the original Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro. Want to get the new Mavic Air 2 and the new Pocket 2.

    My current location is Tainan, Taiwan. Here we just started our drone regulation early this year around February 2020. So this situation don't really effect me.

  2. Hey Alex, thank you for the information, and photo's. I have several DJI camera drones, but have not flown fpv. I am getting ready to start flying fpv. I do keep up on the fpv drones, in fact the other day I saw a long range fpv drone that had bluetooth on in so you could change your betta settings in the field, with your phone. I though that was really cool, and handy. Have a good Christmas ??? mike

  3. The real quad you build and held up will have wayyy better performance than that DJI variant. You will get used to it and when you fly the DJI you will fly it a few times and put it down to gather dust.

  4. Very interesting Felix! I would say that it definitely looks larger in height… I am very curious about all this I am fairly new to the drone community, but FPV drones is really something I am looking forward to. …Oh and that banned thing!!!! hughhhh !!! 😉 Thanks for the video and I wish you a wonderful Christmas overthere! Have a blast my dear! Safe hugs from Canada xoxo

  5. I think the DJI FPV drone looks just as I expected,so cool I just know I'm going to be crying about not having one! The One you had not to bad ether I feel a temper tantrum coming on

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Dji Fpv Drone Leak Update Dji Banned In Us

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Dji Fpv Drone Leak Update Dji Banned In Us

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