DJI FPV drone LEAK: 12 features + specs + price

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DJI FPV drone’s specs, features, and price were leaked by a well-known retailer. In this video, I discuss its 12 features, price and availability, its advantages and disadvantages, and who it is for.

Complete specs and other info here:
Correction: Price is $1299, not $1399

► DJI FPV Combo (drone + goggles + controller) $1299
► DJI FPV with REBATE on sales tax – buy from B&H Photo with their Payboo card
► DJI FPV Motion controller $199
► Fly More (2 extra batteries + charger) $299


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Written by 360Rumors


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  1. Cant wait for all the crash videos. If you say just hovering is difficult which should be the most basic thing to learn. I cant wait to see how quickly these thing get destroyed when speed temps the users. Best of all, parts and build of this drone requires some technical skills to disassemble and repair if dji even sell those parts.

  2. man please do not spread wrong stuff about latencies in analog and digital fpv systems- its all wrong what you said! please educate yourself and correct the video

  3. We don t know if the sensors will work only in normal mode… they were very secretly about that…some leaks say that they will work even in manual mode…probably the drone will notice you that after a specific speed the sensors are out… that will be the way to go for those who come from normal drones…maybe not maybe yes

  4. Very good Pre-Review. Sounds like you have experience with FPV and touched on points only FPV pilots would know.

    Definitely not for experienced FPV pilots IMO,

    but great for cinematic photography at higher speeds. Even though 87mph isn’t ground breaking, I could see an upgraded version of this type of drone (but with better specs) being useful in law enforcement scenarios…high speed chases having the ability to go fast, stop, and hover over people trying to run after ditching their vehicles.

    Great Pre-review!

  5. The FAA is making new rules for drones over 250 grams…not sure if that has an impact on people buying this.
    I love my analog quads because I can fly them like a maniac (fast, not unsafe) and if I smash it I can fix it or salvage parts at least for my next build 🙂
    Will the drone be sold separately in case people lose or break it?
    Any word on motor specs, or if they could be replaced with standard 12×12 mount off-the-shelf motors?

  6. 1399 i thought i saw it in previous vids leaks that it was 1299 can't frigging wait hope I can get it at best buy so I don't have to wait for it

  7. If it can only be flown for up to 20 minutes it will never be flown up to 10km away, it would never cover that distance in the 20 minute time slot the battery gives you.

  8. No one is going to "race" this drone, so that's a moot point. This drone is for those of us experienced pilots who are wanting a one piece / one workflow solution for extreme cinematic footage and do not want a GoPro strapped to a racing FPV body. The arguments between the two are foolish. Adding that your comment of it being "less maneuverable" than a true FPV is BS. Unless you have one and are under an NDA, you do not know this…any of this. You're basing it on a picture and a poorly shot video.

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