DJI FPV Drone is here. Insta360 Go 2 specs leaked. (FPV News with JB and ItsBlunty)

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0:00 – Intro music
3:00 – Show begins

10:42 – BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 SE won’t bind to XM+ fixed

14:28 – Insta360 Go 2 specs leaked. If you love Insta360 Go this is a no brainer.

18:19 – 107 recurrent training deadline pushed back, leaving some pilots in a legal gray area

23:50 – Community Spotlight: Pawel Spychalsky is surveying the State of the Hobby

25:58 – DJI FPV Drone has launched. Does it suck? Will it destroy the hobby?

DJI FPV Goggle V2 antennas are not LHCP as advertised. They’re linear monopole. What does this mean?

DJI sued for patent infringement over motion controller

1:00:32 – MIT makes a drone that flies like insect wings?!


What do you think?

Written by Joshua Bardwell


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  1. I had an issue with lite radio and firmware fixed it. on other note the gimbals on it are really bad. There seems to be crazy jitter on the low range of throttle. I ended up getting a radiomaster tx12 and use the betafpv for sim use only.

  2. So now that there is a v2 goggle and RC how long before a v2 air unit ??
    Good chance it’s already done
    Just delaying release till they sell a ton of drones first perhaps

  3. i had faith in you JB i noticed the ''Shush'' moment but instantly thought nah JB is too free thinking to ever disrespect anyone like that yet alone Blunty.

  4. 15:06 "Please keep this proprietary"
    Is this really the correct way of saying it? Yes, it is proprietary information and yes, information about the product is not supposed to be publicly available but can you really "keep information proprietary"?
    (Sorry for commenting on this, the question not supposed to be an insult to anyone)

  5. 30:15 It's a perfect Sam Kolder drone
    If you need some fpv shots and you have no idea or interest in learning everything you need to fly a regular fpv quad, but you have the $$$$, you grab one of these and you're set

  6. Great content as usual! Really looking forward to the insta360 go v2. Feels like the best fpv friendly camera for everyday's footage.
    Regarding the dji drone, I think if you get into full acro fpv, your drone needs to be a tank or easily repairable, preferably both. This thing is none of the two.
    I'm afraid buyers will crash, repair a couple of times and give up.

  7. I'm hesitant to let anyone handle my goggles outside during the day, because even if I tell them not to allow the sun into the optics, it's too easy to forget.

  8. My only issue with the DJI FPV drone is that it’s gonna bring more negative attention to fpv. I say that because these Mavic “pilots” are gonna buy this thing and do the same dumb shit they do with their mavics.

  9. I don't think crashed drones will be a big issue for DJI as we FPV-people are not representative for how most drones are used. Some of the DJI FPV-drones will just be put on a shelf after a few flights and many will be flown as cautious as a mavic 2. Many of the cautious pilots will buy DJI care and pay for other peoples repairs.

  10. Hi, anyone know if the new function to connect a phone to the googles to be able to view inflight works when you have the googles set to "version 1 mode"?
    So does it work with air units and caddx?

  11. I think that those who crash their drones so early upon buying it don't understand what this drone really is about. It's not a racer, it's not for close quarters flying (look at that size!), it's not durable compared to those quads with carbon fiber frames. It's not as responsive as analog quads. BUT it can do cinematic shots unlike anything you've ever seen plus you can control everything on the fly.

  12. The biggest takeaway of this product is that it's gonna generate a lot of popularity for FPV. If the DJI FPV is able to serve that purpose for those with little to no experience to FPVs, then I think that it's gonna be a success.

  13. Looking at the comments, I really feel that this drone is one of the most polarizing products ever. But hey, it's generating the buzz that it wants so kudos for that.

  14. Can regular incandescent/fluorescent lighting burn the goggles too..? I have religiously, even in the house, kept my goggles faced up since the first time i heard about this..

  15. I'm part 107 certified. Last October I received several emails from the FAA stating my certificate had expired. I wrote them back that I had another year of validity and that they were mistaken. Received another couple of similar notices that I responded to in like manner. Finally, in December, they wrote saying everything was good with my certification. No apology, no acknowledgement they'd made a mistake….nada!

  16. I think the DJI drone is a double edged sword…. it'll bring more people to the hobby but with those people there'll be the usual irresponsible pilots who think that because it's DJI they are safe and gives them an inflated idea of their piloting skills.

  17. I just watched a JB video from 2 years ago and my god does it seem like JB is a-whole-nother person now. I don't know if it's the beard or screen familiarity or what (it's probably the beard), but he's like straight Giga Chad Bardwell now.

  18. Well shit.. I woke up at 530 this morning to make sure I got my fpv combo and then came the flood of videos ripping this thing apart. I was able to place my order at 555, so I did. After I got confirmation I went to the tube only to find a butt ton of videos explaining why I won't like it. Honestly, what finally got me was when you replied "no" so quickly when asked if you will be flying it. I just canceled my order. I had to open up a support ticket and try to cancel shipment since it had amazingly already shipped. It's just not worth it to me, especially with the controller not being backwards compatible. It seems like the thing just explodes on any impact. I was caught up in the hype, but it's just a mavic with a shitty gimbal and reckless abandon for its own safety. If we are paying 749(?) For the drone on its own, it should be made of molded carbon or whatever karearea uses for the talon(?) At the very least. Seriously dissapointing from an fpv standpoint. FLOP.

  19. To me at the moment the DJI drone is a bit of a jack of all trades master of none. The main problem is how fragile the thing is. How can you market a drone as the best way to introduce people to fpv, but once they take the training wheels off and hit the first tree, an arm snaps off. An arm that can only be replaced by sending the drone back to the factory. The horror stories of broken drones, and long repair times are going to start piling up.

  20. HEY YOU TURNED OFF MY LIGHTS!!!!!! NO seriously you did actually turn my lights off Alexa was like “ok did I turn off the correct appliance?” ha ha ha lol

  21. Someone should make a carbon fiber frame conversion kit. Gut the DJI electronics, camera, motors etc and mount it all onto a 6” or 7” carbon fiber frame. I know it’s easier said then done but would be pretty cool.

  22. Not sure about others, but I do truly enjoy your content. I am more driven by technical information than just watching trees zip by, so your content is truly good!

  23. No one seems to be talking about how the new drone allows you to fly a dji drone confidently much closer to things than you can with other DJI drones because of the low latency goggles. That seems huge to me. I always wanted to fly super close to things with my Mavic mini but it is super sketchy.

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