DJI FPV Drone All You Need To Know – Almost !

Dji Fpv Drone All You Need To Know Almost

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DJI FPV Drone All You Need To Know – Almost ! In this video Bill from Bill The Drone Reviewer shares with us DJI FPV Drone All You Need To Know – Almost ! Join Bill and very special co-host Ron Brown as they share about the new upcoming DJI FPV Drone. They discuss the known specs, potential pricing, possible release date, who this drone would be right for, their thoughts and much more ! Be sure to answer the Question Of The Day !

DJI FPV drone unboxing video and specs surface

DJI Mini 2 Specs & Download Page

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Bill is a drone pilot from Tampa, Florida. He enjoys flying camera drones, RC cars, and trying out new technology. When he’s not flying drones, Bill enjoys cooking, vlogging, ham radio, his granddaughter, watching sports, and relaxing with his wife and dog!

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  1. Dji drones and rtf drones are very very very novice and beginner. To say someone else doesn't know about drones when you in fact probably haven't built your own is kind of like calling the kettle black. Kind of like owning a corvette and claiming you know all about cars but, don't even change your own oil. Until you match stator size and kv motors to esc's, solder all electronics and program/PID tune don't claim someone else doesn't know about quads until you in fact do. Not trying to bash you, just inform that there is a huge world of quads that you haven't even scratched the surface of. And to claim someone else doesn't know about quads,, implying that you do, is pretty ignorant.

  2. I'm not a hardcore FPV flyer, but I will most likely buy this as it is different to the Mavic range in terms of looks, which now look somewhat boring.
    I cannot be done with these FPV drones that require you to carry loads of different accessories such as batteries and charges, and to know how to accurately charge the batteries which, if not done properly, can be dangerous.
    This is different, and I like that DJI have not stuck to the conventional FPV drone design.

  3. I may like it. I love flying my cinewhoop using the dji goggles but I crash often because I lose signal. I just cant fly my mavic air 2 in tight places very well especially without goggles. Maybe this will fly like I want and have position hold in case of signal loss.


Dji Fpv Drone All You Need To Know Almost

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Dji Fpv Drone All You Need To Know Almost

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