DJI Banned from Importing US Goods

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President Trump Bans DJI from Importing US Goods. Could this be the end of DJI? What does that mean to consumers?

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0:35 United States Bans DJI
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  1. Personally, I think some short-term protectionism to allow for US companies time to gain a foothold in the Drone Market would be better for competition.
    If a US company is only going to go bankrupt trying to compete with DJI for the first few years, they won't even try to start competing. However if they know they will have at least a few years of no competition from DJI in the USA and will have a chance to build up a big chunk of money in their bank account for when import restrictions are relaxed later, they will be more likely to enter the market and we will have more competitors in the Drone Market thus creating a much better product for all of us in every part of the world in the long run.

  2. Always looking forward to your news Simon
    About the plant, can't you just buy a special light for the plant so you don't have to carry it around, when filming you take away the full spectrum bulb and you're ready to go

  3. Oh wow what the heck man, I’m moving to Canada as soon as I can, I’ve had my eye on Edmonton for a while I’ve been looking at prices for real-estate and rental properties it looks promising, if the US keeps having these random crazy issues I’m getting the hell out of here

  4. looks like Biden will be president anyway so he will be opening the door for china anyway so all these china bans will be reversed

  5. Simon. DJI has responded with a don't worry to consumers…..but the "rule" on the "Entity" ban went into effect Friday. How will this play out as far as DJI products? no one knows yet. there is no way to avoid the "politics" of it, despite your desire to avoid politics…quite understandable on a tech channel about cameras. actually more impactful is the ban on a major Chip maker in China which could also affect cameras…and many other devices. It's part of the trade war underway with China which by the way Huawai and Canada are involved with. O'well. No point in crying about it. It's not the end of the world. But it is news, real news. thanks though for announcing it.

  6. A couple of thoughts:
    – The DJI ban will hurt American customers, many of which are corporate, and DJI's suppliers here in the US as much as it will China. Maybe more. It's just not well thought-out IMO.
    – I prefer live plants. You could rig a florescent plant light to keep your dracaena healthy and happy.

    I have dracaenas in my apartment. With enough light, and they don't need much, it'll live forever, or almost. I have one that's 40 years old and reaches to the ceiling, after being cut back many times. Its cuttings are now throughout my family. About 15 years ago, our parent dracaena and one of its cutlings bloomed simultaneously, for the only time so far. It's then I realized why this variety, which I believe yours is, has the full name of Dracaena fragrans [edit]. An almost overwhelming sweet scent filled the place for 3 weeks.

  7. I work for a drone company. We only use DJI drones. This would suck. We are trying to get M-300 and the new P1 and L1 sensor DJI is coming out with. But DJI will find a loophole if Biden doesn’t get rid of the ban in January. Which he definitely will since he loves commie China. DJI also has headquarters in California so it will be fine.

  8. ok Simon and your subscribers. I have a reason for the DJI "ban". It is the alleged involvement of DJI drones being used by Chinese police in the Xuigher muslim province where hundreds of thousands of Chinese muslims have been forced into "re education" camps. The US is saying DJI contributes to Human Rights violations in China.

  9. <sniffles> gonna cry… I am really grateful for the chance to collab on your YouTube channel. Certainly not for fame but rather learning how to be comfortable in front of the camera. My channel is very (VERY) small and only churning out a few videos so I am embarrassed to even say I have an active channel. I am inspired by what you and Moving Matt does as I too am focusing on being a travel channel but linking it with photography.

    The plant is called a dracaena plant, or dragon tree.

    I will refrain from the politics of this decision. Other than to say that MANY in the film industry and on social media will absolutely not like the decision.

  10. Now comes the hard choice of buying the DJI gimbal I want now (I was going to wait until business picked back up later this year), because when they sell out it's gone, or NOT buying it because if it had to be repaired… could repair parts even be found?

  11. I would love it if you could cover more DJI stuff they are my favorite company I'm not kidding the remix so good products they make amazing gimbals amazing drones cover everything that is degenerated I am 100% will watch every cover of DJI products that you will have on your channel

  12. Can the USA cut off access to GPS that drones rely on since they have control over it? Not sure if it can be a selective thing or GPS is either on or off period type thing.

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