Dji 2021 Wish List | Its time for a pro grade Mavic 3

Dji 2021 Wish List Its Time For A Pro Grade Mavic 3

This is a list of what I’d like to see from DJI in 2021! Will they debut a much anticipated Mavic 3 ? No one knows for certain but we can wish.

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  1. I know I'd dig the Mavic Pro 2, but I'm sorta holdin' out to see if a Mav-3 is around the corner. I don't own a drone yet and my first part 107 exam is march 17th. I'm really looking fwd to adding drone to my photo and video business!!

  2. I would like to see the option of hover instead of RTH in the Mavic 3. I fly inside forests and this would be so much more useful instead of RTH. I can just reposition if I lose signal. Aside from that, I wish DJI would hurry the heck up and announce the darned thing in 2021.

  3. Yes, definitely agree on the battery time length. DJI needs to start experimenting with "Graphene" batteries, which will make the drone last at least 1 hour.

  4. Off topic, I hope Autel can bring a smart controller for the EVO 2 this year. Back on topic, I look forward to seeing what DJI will be bring out this year.

  5. Could you imagine if DJI made an inspire 3 and an inspire 3 lite (replacing the phantom drone in size but with the micro 4/3 sensor and interchangeable lenses) ?

  6. Yes, I am waiting for the mavic pro 3 saved up 3,500 for it. I am sure it will cost less but that’s just what I have saved aside for the newest great drone of 2021

  7. Ever have a battery fail mid flight? All 6 of my batteries are coming up on 2 years old and none have any swelling issues and have never had a single issue with any of them until one day I was about 200' in altitude and was like someone unplugged it and the rest was history.

  8. Great video Ken and I hope DJI sees this and takes your suggestions seriously. I know you have had issues with your M2 batteries and I don't fly every day but I fly just about every weekend and have had my M2P and Zoom for close to two years and I still have the original batteries that I purchased and that came with the drones and I've had no issues what so ever with them. Take care and be safe and thank you for what you do for the drone community.

  9. Im curious to why everyone thinks the new M3 is going to have a heavy price tag. Considering the upgrades on Mini 2 over Mini 1 and Air 2 over Air 1, the upgrades were significant, yet the increased price tags for the successors were not off the wall and are very reasonable for what we got. It will be interesting to see how the price of M3 compares to M2 and how the price hike will compare.

  10. Thanks Sir for this vidéo . I very much appreciate all your efforts . And thanks to allow me to learn english on YT .
    Greetings from France .

  11. Agreed on everything, except the 'pro-level' codec support. The UHS II bus (aka XC II) would allow ProRes, or better yet DNxHR (cross-platform) or Cineform support, as you mentioned. But unless DJI tunes those codecs for realtime playback during editing, I don’t see any advantage for drone professionals. Pro-level codecs require 5x the bitrate (and corresponding file size) to achieve H.265/HEVC quality. Furthermore, H.265 enjoys hardware decoding support on many modern devices and computers. All the key features relevant to drone pilots for decades to come are supported by H.265 including color-depth (16-bit), chroma compression (4:4:4), 4K@300fps and 8K@120fps. So H.265 remains the better in-camera choice where bitrate, file size, quality and drone-centric features are primary considerations.

  12. Been holding off waiting on something worth paying for. Still flying my Old Mavic Pro . Yepper & on my second set of 4 batteries now. Aftermarket ones at that. The Mavic Air 2 has caught my eye and I'm almost ready to hit the buy button. But I'm waiting to see what's coming in 2021. Maybe I squeeze the trigger on the Air 2 before more time passes by but I'm interested to see what the Mavic Pro 3 will offer. Can it possibly be my last new Drone for many years. Time will tell great video. ?

  13. Would be great to see a Mavic 3, big thing over here with the new EASA drone regulations is going to be having CE approval on there drones going forward for Europe.

  14. Hey dobo i watch all ya vids since i found your channel. I need to ask and i know its off topic of the vid but why did you build your source one frames instead of buying 2 nazguls or 2 diatones and just fixing them or upgrading the frame later?

  15. One thing is for certain, K.D., DJI, if they are going to have a "flagship" drone such as the Mavic 2 Pro, they will need to move on it's replacement soon. As you said, the Mavic 2 series is almost 3 years old; by their own track record, DJI will start easing this line of drone out of production. (Which is why, for a year now, I've agonized over getting the M2Pro. I also initially bought the Zoom, but soon found out about the limitations of the camera sensor on it.) So I have been desiring a prosumer, top of the line camera on my next drone. The Mavic Air 2, with the right settings, can ALMOST equal the M2Pro in low light, but not quite. Not to mention the versatility of the photo aspect of the M2Pro, which I have been really getting into lately. (Photo taking/editing)

  16. I totally agree and a big DIDO from me! Plus, it would be nice to have changeable cameras especially with a thermal option. Oh yes, how about some kind of lume cube light for visibility built on the MAVIC 3 and heated batteries like on the MAVIC Enterprise drones. All The Best! Ed W
    PS: Please keep up the great work of sharing your knowledge and thoughts. I enjoy your style and have learned a ton about drones from you! Thank you very much!

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Dji 2021 Wish List Its Time For A Pro Grade Mavic 3

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Dji 2021 Wish List Its Time For A Pro Grade Mavic 3

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