DJ Mavic Air 2 – My next drone – let’s get serious

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Looking back in drones, it started 4 years ago.

I bought the Phantom 3 Professional. This drone was huge and heavy to carry. Another big disadvantage was the negative media coverage of drones. Everybody flying a drone seemed to be a spy or some type of stalker. Everywhere you started to fly, somebody came along and asked some kind of annoying questions. This is still typical for a lot of German people.
They get into a bus or a train where you can find a security cam every 4 meters on top of them – but that’s okay, because it is for their security (god hopefully knows better). Only private drone-pilots are evil, to their opinion.

So, we made our first step with the Phantom 3, and it was a great drone, the results were pretty cool that time and everything started.
After selling the Phantom 3 last year, I decided to buy a much smaller DJI product. The DJI Mini (Version 1) is a good starter drone that really fits in any pocket. It weights up to 249 grams, and it is nice to carry around. After several months, DJI released the Version 2 of the drone, which makes me feel unsure for selling the Version 1 and switching to Version 2. The fact of 4K and the better range aspects, would be nice, but not essential.

What is getting more and more into focus is the Mavic Air 2, which is a great drone for its price and is really brilliant when it comes to 4K 60 fps Video. The step-up is big for such a small amount of money. Hopefully, after all the lockdown stuff, I will end up buying one and getting the testing of it on Iceland, which is great for drone flights. I like the island a lot and this would be a nice thing after all the lost time with COVID-19.

What do you think?

Written by Jens Schwoon

really addicted to cameras and old school stuff


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