get the latest talk about kameras and gear on the net


get the latest talk about kameras and gear on the net

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  • DJI Drones

    DJ Mavic Air 2 – My next drone – let’s get serious

    Looking back in drones, it started 4 years ago. I bought the Phantom 3 Professional. This drone was huge and heavy to carry. Another big disadvantage was the negative media coverage of drones. Everybody flying a drone seemed to be a spy or some type of stalker. Everywhere you started to fly, somebody came along […] More

  • Badlands The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Badlands – The Leica camera Blog

    Partying tourists, exclusive restaurants, green hinterland – the island of Mallorca has many faces. In his Badlands series, the photographer Tomeu Coll reveals yet another. His images show places that are not far off the beaten tourist tracks, yet exist as though light years away. Neglected villages defined by poverty and hopelessness. That is where […] More

  • 1634068744 Gopro Hero10 Black Review The Most Significant Refresh In Years Jpg

    GoPro HERO10 Black Review: The Most Significant Refresh in Years

    Every year like clockwork, GoPro introduces a new action camera with varying degrees of improvement upon the last. This year we have the HERO10 Black, the company’s second push into 5.3K video recording following the HERO9, but is there enough here to warrant buying the latest and greatest? Design and Build Quality The exterior of […] More

  • Nikon Fe2 Review 3 Jpg

    Nikon FE2 – (Almost) My Favorite Nikon SLR

    After seven years of running this site and shooting a new camera every week, I know the type of film camera that I like. Gone are the days when I pined for the rarest rangefinder, or drooled over whichever medium-format camera du jour was currently reverberating within the echo chamber of film photography YouTube. My […] More

  • 1633722959 The Best Backpacks And Bags For Photographers In 2021 Jpg

    The Best Backpacks and Bags for Photographers in 2021

    A photographer’s bag is the unsung hero of the working professional. Without it, photographers simply could not do their jobs. But for as many good bags out there, there are hundreds of bad ones. Let’s sift through that noise. Backpacks are and will always be a highly contentious and subjective debate. Everyone has their favorite […] More

  • Atomx Cast 680x350 Jpg

    AtomX CAST is Now Shipping

    Atomos has just announced that their latest offering the AtomX CAST is now available. To recall, the AtomX CAST is a modular companion for the Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder that uses the AtomX expansion port on the Ninja V to transform it into an advanced multi-input switcher. Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, AtomX CAST is the go-anywhere answer to the […] More

  • In Visible Light The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    In Visible Light – The Leica camera Blog

    The Australian photographer has been exploring the streets of Sydney since 2013. His long-term project, titled In Visible Light, is a multi-faceted portrait of the bustle and moods of the city of five million souls, sitting on the east coast of the continent. Sam Ferris is out on the streets virtually every day. Equipped with […] More

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