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Blackmagic Design has just released an update to its NLE/post-production software: DaVinci Resolve 17.1.1. This “minor” update includes support for Blackmagic RAW 2.1 Beta 4 and 10-bit H.264 hardware decode support on Apple Silicon Macs. Let’s take a closer look at everything new!

Blackmagic Design released DaVinci Resolve 17.1 only a couple of weeks ago. This previous version included numerous changes and improvements, including support for Apple M1 Macs, H.265 4:2:2 hardware decode support, H.265 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 Intel decode/encode support in DaVinci Resolve Studio, and more. The Blackmagic Design team has already released an update, DaVinci Resolve 17.1.1, that fixes a couple of bugs and improves performances/stability.

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DaVinci Resolve 17 Cut Page. Source: Blackmagic Design

The latest DaVinci Resolve 17.1.1 update includes only a couple of new features/capabilities, such as support for Blackmagic RAW 2.1 Beta 4 and 10-bit H.264 hardware decode support on Apple Silicon M1 Macs. Also, for 2019 Mac Pro users, you should have faster Sony Alpha 1 8K playback performances after the update.

All other changes are bug fixes, including an issue with database backups:

  • Addressed an issue with restoring older database backups.
  • Addressed issues with audio glitches in some playback scenarios.
  • Addressed multiple issues with interlaced timelines.
  • Addressed incorrect format metadata when rendering DNxHR clips.
  • Addressed incorrect brightness for ambient light in 3D Camera setups.
  • Addressed render-in-place issues for some fusion composition clips.
  • Addressed issues with Resolve FX Blanking Fill in multi-layer timelines.
  • Improved scripting API for setting multiple metadata values at a time.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

And that’s it! It’s always great to see companies being fast at releasing updates/fixes based on user feedbacks.

Price and availability

As always, DaVinci Resolve 17.1.1 is available to download free of charge from Blackmagic Design’s Support Center. The Studio license is still $295 and is valid for a lifetime.

What do you think about this update? Did you already switch to DaVinci Resolve 17, or are you still on version 16? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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