Covid-19 Vaccines by Drone: Zipline Delivers

Covid 19 Vaccines By Drone Zipline Delivers

While the world is optimistic about the new COVID-19 vaccines, getting the heat-sensitive materials to health centers to ensure that they can be distributed fairly and efficiently has been a challenge for across the globe.  Now, drone delivery heroes Zipline have announced that they will be able to deliver COVID-19 vaccines by drone – making the vaccines more accessible to rural areas.

Zipline’s new end-to-end, cold chain distribution capability is being developed with a leading manufacturer of COVID-19 vaccines.  Zipline will be able to distribute all leading COVID-19 vaccines by drone in each of the countries where Zipline operates.  The new distribution capability “will allow health facilities to bypass the need for ultra-low freezers by receiving on-demand deliveries of the precise number of COVID-19 vaccines they require at any time, safely and compliantly within the required temperature profile,” says the Zipline announcement.

“Where you live shouldn’t determine whether or not you get a COVID-19 vaccine. Rural areas across the world are being hit hard by this virus,” said Zipline CEO Keller Rinaudo. “These communities face great challenges. We can help health systems bypass infrastructure and supply chain challenges through instant delivery.”

“…COVID-19 vaccines may require dry ice, or highly specialized freezers typically seen in larger, well-equipped medical labs and research centers. Transporting, storing, and distributing ultra-low cold-chain COVID-19 vaccines in challenging-to-reach places with no interruptions in the end-to-end supply chain process will require innovative delivery solutions,” says Zipline.

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Covid 19 Vaccines By Drone Zipline Delivers

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