Colourlab Ai Release v1.2 of its Software for Color Grading with AI

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Colourlab Ai has just released v1.2 of its AI-driven color grading software. This version adds a new camera profile tool that further automates the camera matching process; as well as support for ARRI Raw, Codex HDE (High-Density Encoding) and CANON Raw, a new look library, and more. Let’s take a closer look!

Last September, CineD had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Dado Valentic. As an award-winning colorist, Valentic is one of the leading developers of color science for digital film cameras. But that’s not why we spoke.

Valentic is also CEO and Founder of Colourlab Ai, a company doing revolutionary work creating software that uses artificial intelligence to accelerate the grading process.

Colourlab Ai – what does the software do?

Essentially, Colourlab Ai’s software uses AI to analyze the composition of your reference photo or clip – including whether it’s a close-up, exterior, or night shot.

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image credit: Colourlab Ai

Because the AI “understands” the differences between these types of images, it can then use that information to more accurately, quickly and easily match the same look to other footage compared to non-AI color matching tools. On top of that, it can also match between different cameras easily.

What’s important to note is that Colourlab Ai’s software won’t perform your final grade. Instead, it will help colorists get to the point where their footage is essentially ready for secondaries and refinements. Basically, letting colorists quickly get to the more creative part of DI.

Colourlab Ai v1.2 – What’s New

Following a v1.1 update that added direct integration of the Look Designer plugin for DaVinci Resolve, a new “Frames of Interest” tool, and support for Apple’s M1 computers, the Colourlab Ai team has now announced version 1.2 of their new software, which adds several other exciting features that were demonstrated in a live stream from Valentic himself:

The first of these new tools is the new Camera Profile manager. This detects media from various sources and applies the appropriate color-managed camera profiles to those clips automatically. Assignment of camera profiles is an essential step in the process of camera matching that is still a manual process with all other color grading applications. In addition, there is an interface to optimize assigning camera profiles to media without metadata as well as the ability to import and manage your own custom camera profiles.

This update also includes “Stage 1” of Colourlab Ai’s integration with Final Cut Pro. Users can drag timelines directly from FCP to Colourlab Ai, grade and match, render and re-link to the newly graded material in FCP. Adobe Premiere users can also leverage the same workflow by importing an XML exported from their Premiere projects.

Also included in this release is Essential Look Pack – Volume 1, a selection of show looks created by Valentic himself. These looks are parametric, which means that they can be further modified and edited in the Look Designer toolset within Colourlab Ai.

Colourlab Ai v1.2
image credit: Colourlab Ai

Finally, the Colourlab Ai team also announced their new educational initiative which provides a full educational curriculum as well as discounts for students and instructors. The Brooklyn College Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Steiner Studios was announced as the “official university in the United States to integrate Colourlab Ai into their curriculum.”

In addition, the company is creating partnerships with other leading international online trainers including Vasiliy Kostomarov (Russia), Filippo Cinotti (Italy) and Blake Jones (Germany) to further expand online learning resources.


What do you think of Colourlab Ai’s 1.2 Release? Let us know in the comments below!

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