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  • Nikon Fe2 Review 3 Jpg

    Nikon FE2 – (Almost) My Favorite Nikon SLR

    After seven years of running this site and shooting a new camera every week, I know the type of film camera that I like. Gone are the days when I pined for the rarest rangefinder, or drooled over whichever medium-format camera du jour was currently reverberating within the echo chamber of film photography YouTube. My […] More

  • 1633722959 The Best Backpacks And Bags For Photographers In 2021 Jpg

    The Best Backpacks and Bags for Photographers in 2021

    A photographer’s bag is the unsung hero of the working professional. Without it, photographers simply could not do their jobs. But for as many good bags out there, there are hundreds of bad ones. Let’s sift through that noise. Backpacks are and will always be a highly contentious and subjective debate. Everyone has their favorite […] More

  • Atomx Cast 680x350 Jpg

    AtomX CAST is Now Shipping

    Atomos has just announced that their latest offering the AtomX CAST is now available. To recall, the AtomX CAST is a modular companion for the Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder that uses the AtomX expansion port on the Ninja V to transform it into an advanced multi-input switcher. Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, AtomX CAST is the go-anywhere answer to the […] More

  • In Visible Light The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    In Visible Light – The Leica camera Blog

    The Australian photographer has been exploring the streets of Sydney since 2013. His long-term project, titled In Visible Light, is a multi-faceted portrait of the bustle and moods of the city of five million souls, sitting on the east coast of the continent. Sam Ferris is out on the streets virtually every day. Equipped with […] More

  • Dehancer Featured Jpg

    Dehancer Pro Resolve Plugin Review

    Many filmmakers — for nostalgic, aesthetic, or other reasons — aim for their work to look like film. There are various options like creative LUTs, manual grading, grain overlays, and plugins to achieve a film look. In this video review, we take a look at Dehancer Pro — a Resolve Plugin that puts all the […] More

  • Zbook Header 1 Jpg

    HP ZBook Studio G8 Review: Rock Solid Performance, Painful Price Tag

    HP’s ZBook lineup — which encompasses the lightweight ZBook Firefly, the affordable ZBook Power, the powerful ZBook Fury, and the best-of-all-worlds ZBook Studio brands — doesn’t attract a lot of attention. As a mobile workstation-class device, the ZBook Studio is not as flashy as most gaming laptops or as affordable as most “creator” laptops, but […] More

  • Godoxmaxpowercomparisonfeat Jpg

    Comparing the Max Power of Godox Strobes, Speedlites, and LEDs

    Why is it so difficult to compare one light to another? It would be bad enough to say that watts, LUX, watt-seconds, and guide numbers aren’t directly comparable. And unless you’ve been around lights for a long time, these measurements won’t even make intuitive sense. Born from this frustration, I give you the Strobepro Power […] More

  • 1632512951 20 Dirt Cheap Filmmaking Items Under 20 Dollars Featured Jpg

    20 Dirt-Cheap Filmmaking Items Under $20

    Every filmmaker needs a collection of dirt-cheap items that just work wonders in a pinch. It goes into the bag of tricks that get pulled out when you need them or just happen to become integral parts of your everyday kit. Could be lights, mounts, clamps, stands, power accessories, or practically anything you find useful […] More

  • The Diversity Of Kenya The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    The diversity of Kenya – The Leica camera Blog

    Jürgen Wettke and Richard Konecky met during a photo trip to Iceland. A passion for aerial photography was the element they shared in common. Fascinated by the diversity of Kenya’s structures, colours and unique light, the two aerial photographers set off on a journey to the remote regions of the East African country. How did […] More

  • 1631994354 Canon Eos R3 Hands On 10 Things You Need To Know Jpg

    Canon EOS R3 Hands-On: 10 Things You Need to Know

    After months of teasing, Canon finally let me get my hands onto a pre-production EOS R3 for a few days, during which time I tried every test I could think of. I ended up generating so much material that I made not one, but two video reviews all about it which you can see below […] More

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