BRAND NEW DJI NEWS! Mavic Pro Platinum Drone, New Colors, and Features!

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In this short video, I go over all of the new big news from DJI about the Mavic Pro Platinum, Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian, and some new features! Will I be purchasing the brand new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum? You’ll have to watch this entire video to find out….

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+ Original DJI Mavic Pro:
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+ DJI Phantom 4:

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Written by Carson Miller


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  1. u shuld get the p4 that std off yours is umm abit old but mavic 2 okay okay phantom 5 maby too i think dji is going good with teir drones but all off them are super expensive so im not a big fan off that but phantom 4 is what i want but i live in iceland and only like 3 dronestores and phantom isn't sold ther so i will have to buy the p4pro so thats some big cash i will need i want the p4 not a pro dji please send more phantom 4s so i can buy

  2. Yo man, this hobby is so pocket tearer but for this time maybe I just stick to p3s… its not yet arrived but needs to have more knowledge about it so my question is, what is the best p3s firmware that meets the smooth performance along with dji go or litchi app…. you are the best mentor man!

  3. Hey Carson I am thinking about getting a dji drone. It would be my first drone other than a sky viper toy drone. Would you recommend the phantom 3 standard as a good beginner drone. I see how you like using it. I am also considering a spark but, since I am a starter I don't want to spend a lot more on the fly more combo. But it might be worth it. What do you think?

  4. I bought a mavic pro last week, and it came with the focus issue. Be careful, because it is a pretty common issue with all Mavic. Now I`m waiting the authorization from DJI to change it for a brand new Mavic, because sellers can't do anything.

  5. I was out flying my new P3 standard today that I've only had in the air a few times now. Seems like I'm having a though time getting use to the way the drone moves when you push the sticks. I discovered that on mine anyway that if you push the stick to the right the drone moves left and left it moves right. The up and down work right. I did have the drone dorne facing me as I was moving left to right back and forth. Why is that and is there a setting you can change to make the direction different.

  6. That's a bummer, being selfish Im just getting in on ground level with the Dji P3 standard and you using one for your videos ( and some of the best ) now your going all out and getting a newer model who else is there to get great info. I'll still watch anyway. Just kidding, that way you will
    Have great videos when I get there in a couple years. Congrats Carson. I've never seen a Mac with a marble look on the lid did you do that ?
    Since I am so new maybe this is old news but I have heard that Apple just might be buying DJI and that's kinda the reason some of the new color , looks, material and possibly the charging cable look so much like Apples line. Is this something that's been going around or is this new to some.

  7. Hey Carson, just my opinion on three Mavic Platinum. if i were you, I'd wait for the next mavic to come out to upgrade, if you're looking for a newer drone. the next mavic should have a better camera and just all around better features.

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