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Hey everyone, welcome to Geeksvana! Today we are going to be talking about another new DJI drone which looks like it is coming to the market very soon. The DJI Air 2S. Today’s live stream will be discussing it!

Here is a link to the FCC filing:

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  1. I wonder if they will activate the MUCH PROMISED ADS-B on this new model for us non USA users. You cant use it on the Air 2 and I don't think it works with the FPV unit either.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I also love the idea about the images quality will get some improvement from a bigger sensor. The sensors they might be using is the same sensor on the DJI pocket 2 (sensor Sony IMX686 1/1.7) which is a bit better than the one on the mavic air currently (sensor Sony IMX585 1/2) so we can expect image resolution up to 64MP! Brilliant! ? Insta @faceandlens

  3. I don't want DJI to launch a new Air 2 version with CE label!

    We all bought the Air 2 less them 1 year ago, we shouldn't be harmed because of this new law. They should give, at least drones from 2020, the CE mark and that's it.

  4. Update today on Android 11, they have fixed connection issues with dji , I can now fly my drone after 2 week's of not being able to connect to controller ?

  5. Another overpriced DJI that will be unfixable and a waste of time for real drone enthusiasts.
    Again the Apple of Drones. As we’ve heard new fpv isn’t great and can’t be fixed if damaged.

  6. That’s upsetting to see after spending £1000 on and air 2. Will be more selective in the when getting drones in the future. With wait for the DJI FPV 2 Drone to be released next week…

  7. Hi Sean, thanks for the update, I'm droneless at the moment (crashed my Mavic Pro), so am chomping at the bit to hear more deets about the Air 2S, in your experience what's the average time from FCC application to product launch ?

  8. After the release of the FPV drone and noticing in the specs Occusync 3.0 is it possible that DJI is doing a product refresh of it's line to include the new spec? It makes me hopeful we might see Mavic 3 and even an updated Smart Controller. Still waiting of DJI to release an Air module for FPV Drone builders.

  9. I think DJI will bring only because of the C certification a new AIR 2!!! 😉 …if not, no one will buy a AIR 2 or AIR 2S in Europe (because of A3) until the AIR 3 arrives in 3 years 😉

  10. How would you know if someone is flying a drone in your area the reason why I ask is because this evening I went to fly my mini 2 and I heard this drone when I look up I saw a Mavic flying out my house but the owner lives 2 streets away from my because I went out and look I saw the drone landing in the background

  11. Keeping my Air 2 as pristine as I can so I may avail myself of DJI Return Credits when the Air 2S is available. Always ready for a camera upgrade. Just hope my A2 ND filters will fit the new gimbal. Also looks like they've added upward looking and possibly side OA for proximity flying. I'd say stop holding your breath for "Mavic 3" …aamof looks like DJI is retiring the Mavic brand entirely. If a new folding Enterprise drone comes out it won't be another Mavic anything.

  12. I don't see this being a truly new drone, more a refinement of the Air 2 that will just supersede it and I'd be very surprised if this is going to be EU C Class. The fact they are using the same batteries tells us it will likely be the same chassis so no crumple zones etc. Maybe they might shave a few grams off but at MA2 weight that's not going to make much difference in terms of drone regs and flying permissions.

    So possibly not much that would tempt me having both a MA2 and a Mini2 but who knows, seems a bad move to release a drone that 'isn't' going to be C classified. Maybe we'll learn something soon that will have me hiding another credit card receipt from the wife. (We all do that, right?) The S may stand for Suckers, as we all rush to buy another one! 🙂

    Keep up the good work Sean.

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