Adobe Premiere Pro 14.9 Released – Faster H.264 and HEVC Encoding

Adobe Premiere Pro 14 9 Released Faster H 264 And Hevc Encoding

Adobe has just released a new Adobe Premiere Pro version 14.9 “performance” update that includes 20 to 80% faster audio rendering performance improvement, as well as faster exports for H264 and HEVC files on macOS. Let’s take a closer look at it!

For a long time, Adobe Premiere Pro performance (and crashes) has been a huge source of complaints from filmmakers, myself included. But, it looks like Adobe is starting to solve and improve its software very fast, with close to a new version every month. Indeed, last month Adobe released Premiere Pro version 14.8 that fixed some bugs and already improved H.264/HEVC encoding for TigerLake processors (11th generation Intel Core mobile processors).

Adobe Premiere Pro 14.9 – What’s New

Adobe Premiere Pro version 14.9 is more of a “performance” update than a real update with new features. It solves many issues filmmakers had, including:

  • Audio Filter Performance Improvements in Premiere Pro: faster audio effect rendering delivers speed gains ranging from 20-80%; optimized audio effects include Analog Delay, Automatic Click Remover, DeEsser, DeNoise, DeReverb, Notch Filter, and Mastering.
  • Faster Exports for H264 and HEVC on macOS.
  • Fixed issue with Durations when setting minimum values in the Essential Sound panel.
  • Fixed issue with rolling edits when rulers are displayed in the Program Monitor.
  • Improved stability when sending sequence with Essential Sound Panel effects to AU.
  • Fixed issue with contextual menus and Track resizing when renaming tracks.
  • Fixed issue where Extensions were displayed as greyed out.
  • Fixed issue where Ghosts projects were created when saving in some virtualized environments.

You got it, no significant change, but it’s great to see Adobe releasing updates that solve known issues.

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Adobe Premiere Rush 1.5.50 Released

Adobe also released an update for Premiere Rush version 1.5.50 that includes a couple of new features for desktop, iOS, and Android users:

  • Desktop, iOS, and Android: quickly flip/mirror video clips, images, stickers, and overlays.
  • iOS and Android: 1500 new sound effects have been added.
  • iOS: performance improvements with better battery life, less heating, and faster exports: up to 7x faster on iPhone 12 Pro.

Price and Availability

All updates are available to download now, for free if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription plan.

For more information, please visit Adobe’s website here.

What do you think about this Adobe Premiere Pro version 14.9 update? Do you see performance improvements in the last versions? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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Adobe Premiere Pro 14 9 Released Faster H 264 And Hevc Encoding

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Adobe Premiere Pro 14 9 Released Faster H 264 And Hevc Encoding

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