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  • A Photographers Guide To Umbrellas Jpg

    A Photographer’s Guide to Umbrellas

    Umbrellas are perhaps the most under-appreciated light shaping tool around. Due to their low price and wide availability, they are considered by some to be only for those who are beginners. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The umbrella is a fantastic modifier that is loved and cherished by pros and beginners alike. Here […] More

  • 5 Steps Instantly Grade Log Footage Resolve 17 Featured Jpg

    5 Steps to Instantly Grade Log Footage in Resolve 17

    Grading log footage isn’t always so much fun. Think about how many camera manufacturers are spending resources to develop picture profiles that don’t need any grading, like Sony and their S-Cinetone, so that filmmakers can just go out shoot and then deliver a gorgeous image. Log is still the best if you want maximum flexibility […] More

  • Atoma The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Atoma – The Leica camera Blog

    In collaboration with the author Isabelle Guisan, Pierre-Emmanuel Fehr got involved in capturing a particular atmosphere in Greece. In 2018 and 2019, they were in Athens and witnessed a whole generation’s search for meaning. People circling around each like atoms, coming together and then drifting apart again. Fehr used film and neon light to bring […] More

  • Rodecentral Updates Featured Jpg

    RØDE Wireless Go II Updates – RØDE Central V1.3

    While the popular RØDE Wireless Go II is a pretty neat and useful solution for wireless audio recording on set, the accompanying RØDE Central software –now in version 1.3– offers even more features. Let’s dive in! RØDE Central could be described as the back office of the Wireless Go II system. It takes care of […] More

  • A Comprehensive Overview Of Photo Storage Backup Strategies Jpg

    A Comprehensive Overview of Photo Storage Backup Strategies

    The topic of proper backup and storage strategies for creatives has been a heated debate for years. While there are a plethora of best practices to follow, arguably there is no “one size fits all” solution to cater to every photographer’s needs. In this 20 minute video, Hendrikus De Vaan provides an easy-to-follow and actionable […] More

  • Ninja V Switch Stream Kit 680x350 Jpg

    Save $699 with the Latest Atomos Ninja V+ Holiday Promotions

    It seems that Atomos has more enticing offerings for fellow filmmakers out there. Until December 31st, you can grab the NINJA V+ Deluxe Starter Kit with an additional AtomX 5″ accessory kit for no additional cost which wasn’t included in the initial Black Friday promo pack. This option will set you back $999, whereas the NINJA […] More

  • Of Fear And Death The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Of Fear and Death – The Leica camera Blog

    In prior series, the photographer staged insects (Of Monster & Dragon) and sea creatures (Creatures of the Seven Seas). This time around his work is dedicated exclusively to snakes. Once again, he has photographed against a white background, isolating the reptiles from their environments. When creating his prints, he opts, as always, for the rare […] More

  • Review Of The Tourbox Elite My Favorite Editing Tool Is Jpg

    Review of the TourBox Elite: My Favorite Editing Tool is Now Wireless

    Last year I got my hands on a weird little controller console called the TourBox that would end up being an invaluable part of my editing workflow. I reviewed the original TourBox controller, with its assortment of buttons, dials, and scroll wheels, and loved how it allowed me to map certain shortcuts and functions in […] More

  • Pogo Camera Review 05 Jpg

    Pogo 35mm Focus Free Camera: One Roll Review

    The Camera-wiki page on trashcams defines a “trashcam” hilariously: a trashcam is any camera whose value at least doubles when loaded with film. There are two ambiguities here (it’s just a working definition, after all). Are we talking about the value of a used camera, or retail price? And what kind of film: a cheap […] More

  • The Sony Alpha 1 Was The Most Rented Camera Of Jpg

    The Sony Alpha 1 Was the Most Rented Camera of 2021

    Lensrentals has published its end-of-the-year data that reveals the most popular equipment that has been rented in 2021. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Sony Alpha 1 was the most popular stills camera, with Nikon’s Z7 II in second place. Lensrentals says that it believes its data is a great tool to measure industry metrics to determine where […] More

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