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  • Mamiya M645 Review 01 1200x676 Jpg

    The Mamiya M645 as my First Medium Format Film Camera

    I’ve been using cameras for half my life and I felt like I knew my way around any basic system, until I discovered medium format. The upgrade in resolution was an entirely new beast I was eager to tackle. I scoured the internet to decide on what I should use as my first medium format […] More

  • Solarcan Puck Petapixel Jpg

    Solarcan Puck is a Limited-Time Palm-Sized Pinhole Solargraph Camera

    Solarcan has announced Puck, a smaller limited-time version of its soda-can-shaped Sun-catching camera. The new model comes shaped like a circle and produces round instead of more traditional rectangle images. Solarcan, created by photographer Sam Cornwell, specializes in producing solargraphy cameras that don’t require any DIY skills. Anyone can use them without knowing a single […] More

  • Best Cheap Monitor Mounts Featured Jpg

    Best Cheap Monitor Mounts You Can Pick

    Rigging and support equipment can be some of the smallest and cheapest pieces in your kit. They can also make the biggest difference in your life by making the little things that much better – but they have to work well. One critical component is your monitor mount. Considering how commonplace (and costly) an external […] More

  • Wild At Heart The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Wild at Heart – The Leica camera Blog

    Photographer, painter, designer – Erika Astrid moves effortlessly between genres. In 2012, the self-taught artist moved from Germany to the USA, where she established herself as a fashion photographer under her two first names. The series shown here, which was taken in the autumn of 2019, was named after the singer Lana Del Rey – […] More

  • Davinciresolvestudio1742 Featured Jpg

    DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4.2 Update Improves Fusion Performance

    Blackmagic Design just released an update for its famous DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4.2 NLE and color correction software. This update improves playback performance for Fusion titles and effects and addresses a lot of issues and support for the latest RED SDK. Let’s take a closer look at it! Blackmagic Design released DaVinci Resolve 17 back […] More

  • 1637329913 Ricoh Gr Iiix Review A Worthwhile Compact Shooter Jpg

    Ricoh GR IIIx Review: A Worthwhile Compact Shooter

    Ricoh brought the GR IIIx into its lineup to largely address focal length, but to also cement the case that this compact camera shoots bolder than its size would otherwise indicate. The GR IIIx is a direct follow-up from the GR III, as the two share the same body and layout. Putting in a 40mm […] More

  • Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 70ws Review 1 Jpg

    Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 70 WS Point and Shoot Film Camera Review

    The dominant opinion on compact point and shoot film cameras is that the only ones worth owning are the ones with prime lenses. YouTubers say it. Reddit repeats it. And people believe it. But broad proclamations like these aren’t nuanced enough to be valuable. Prime lens point and shoots are sometimes very good, and sometimes […] More

  • Nikon Announces Partnership With Nissin And Profoto Jpg

    Nikon Announces Partnership with Lighting Brands Nissin and Profoto

    Nikon has announced a partnership with lighting manufacturers Nissin and Profoto, but it’s not clear what that might mean for customers. Announced via Profoto and through Nikon Australia, the partnership promises a collaboration between the camera company and both lighting manufacturers. Nikon Australia is pleased to announce that Nikon Corporation will be collaborating with Nissin […] More

  • How To Use Iso When Shooting Raw Featured Jpg

    How to Use ISO When Shooting RAW

    Raw video formats have done wonders for image quality in cinema cameras. And, now raw is way more accessible than it used to be – you can get a capable raw shooting setup for a couple thousand dollars. With everyone able and willing to shoot it there are some good questions that pop up, like […] More

  • Gnuri The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Gnuri – The Leica camera Blog

    Fascinated by the gnuris on the streets of Palermo, the Italian photographer started to spend a lot of time with them. He observed and experienced their dynamics, their working style, and the excesses of their characters. The result is a wonderful and expressive portrait of an old tradition that has survived to this day. Who […] More

  • Leeelements Featured Jpg

    LEE Elements Circular ND, VND, and CPL Filters Released

    LEE Filters, a British company specialized in lighting gels and high-quality optical filters, has just launched a new lineup of circular filters: LEE Elements. These filters for photographers/filmmakers consist of two ND, two Variable ND, and one CPL filter. Let’s take a closer look at these! If you started your filmmaking career a couple of […] More

  • 1636143142 Google Pixel 6 Pro Astrophotography Review Stellar Results Jpg

    Google Pixel 6 Pro Astrophotography Review: Stellar Results

    There are two things a camera should have to be good at astrophotography: a large image sensor and the ability to manually control camera settings. Yet somehow, the Google Pixel 6 Pro manages to capture stunning astrophotographs with the press of a single button. The image sensor, though much bigger than previous iterations of the […] More

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