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  • Faster Editing Resolve 17 Single Key Featured Jpg

    Faster Editing in Resolve 17 Using a Single Key

    Quite literally adding one additional key to your editing repertoire can speed up your editing in DaVinci Resolve. It’s the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key. It all has to do with shortcuts. It can change the behavior of certain tools to accomplish something more specific. Knowing how this works will make editing a breeze […] More

  • Ice Postcards The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Ice Postcards – The Leica camera Blog

    It is only a comparison with the roughly 100-year-old archive photographs that reveals the extent of the retreat of Patagonia’s glaciers. Those who look deeper beneath the surface discover that the effects of the man-made, mass displacement have long since influenced the tilt of the Earth’s axis and have, quite literally, unhinged our world. Alfredo […] More

  • Cinematchfinalcutpro Featured Jpg

    CineMatch for Final Cut Pro Now Available

    FilmConvert has just announced that its camera-matching plugin CineMatch is now finally available for Final Cut Pro users. With this addition, CineMatch is now available for Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and FCP. In 2019, we discovered a fantastic plugin for filmmakers that allows you to quickly and easily match cameras together: CineMatch. Indeed, matching […] More

  • Nikon Fa Review 1 Jpg

    The Fragile Beauty of the Nikon FA

    Whenever I look over at the shelf and my Nikon FA which sits there, I can’t help but feel a little sad. It’s a beautiful machine in pristine condition, purchased at the peak of its abilities. Not only is it the greatest expression of Nikon’s dogged perfectionism of the 1980s and perhaps the most influential camera […] More

  • Ttartisan Launches Light Meter For Leica Jpg

    TTArtisan Launches Affordable $56 Light Meter for Leica Film Cameras

    TTArtisan has announced a $56 Light Meter for Leica cameras that do not have a built-in metering system. The device is significantly cheaper than the similar Voightlander VC Speed Meter II which costs $225. The light meter can mount to the hot shoe of any Leica system, likely film, where it will capture more accurate […] More

  • Free From Labels Pocket 6k 680x350 Jpg

    ETAM “Free from Labels” Campaign Entirely Shot on the Pocket 6K

    ETAM, the Spanish lingerie brand, recently launched the “Free from Labels” campaign: a manifesto that incites all women to free themselves from the pressures of unrealistic beauty standards imposed by the fashion world. The protagonists of the advertising campaign are four very different women: the acclaimed actress Blanca Suarez and a variety of women representing […] More

  • Badlands The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Badlands – The Leica camera Blog

    Partying tourists, exclusive restaurants, green hinterland – the island of Mallorca has many faces. In his Badlands series, the photographer Tomeu Coll reveals yet another. His images show places that are not far off the beaten tourist tracks, yet exist as though light years away. Neglected villages defined by poverty and hopelessness. That is where […] More

  • Siruianamorphicmtfservices Featured Jpg
    in ,

    SIRUI Mars 1.33x Anamorphic Lenses

    SIRUI Mars 1.33x anamorphic lenses were released in August this year, and MTF services have just released fully converted kits in either Canon RF, Panasonic L, and Sony FZ-Mounts. Let’s take a closer look at them! The SIRUI Mars 1.33x anamorphic lenses are Cinema versions of the famous 24/35/50/75mm Stills versions that cover APS-C sensors. […] More

  • 1634068744 Gopro Hero10 Black Review The Most Significant Refresh In Years Jpg

    GoPro HERO10 Black Review

    Every year like clockwork, GoPro introduces a new action camera with varying degrees of improvement upon the last. This year we have the HERO10 Black, the company’s second push into 5.3K video recording following the HERO9, but is there enough here to warrant buying the latest and greatest? Design and Build Quality The exterior of […] More

  • Nikon Fe2 Review 3 Jpg

    Nikon FE2 – (Almost) My Favorite Nikon SLR

    After seven years of running this site and shooting a new camera every week, I know the type of film camera that I like. Gone are the days when I pined for the rarest rangefinder, or drooled over whichever medium-format camera du jour was currently reverberating within the echo chamber of film photography YouTube. My […] More

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