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  • Megadap Adapter 680x350 02 Jpg

    Megadap Releases the First Ever Automatic Adapter for Sony E Lenses on both Full Frame and APS-C Nikon Z Cameras

    Chinese camera lens accessory maker Megadap has just announced the launch of the world’s first automatic adapter for the full line-ups of Nikon Z mirrorless cameras (both Full-Frame and APS-C) enabling users to adapt Sony E lenses with ease. Features like autofocus (AF-S / AF-C), aperture control, and IBIS can now be retained with the […] More

  • An Endless Day The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    An Endless Day – The Leica camera Blog

    At the site of a large construction project, Alessia Rollo looks to find images for life, because life itself is not dissimilar to a building site. In addition to her assignment to document the progress of the building construction, she gave time to her latest, personal project, titled An Endless Day. She spoke with us […] More

  • Featureimage 1 Jpg

    YoloLiv Yolobox Pro – Live Streaming Encoder Launched

    YoloLiv has launched the Yolobox Pro, the bigger and more functional version of the original Yolobox which made a name for itself for being a self-contained live streaming solution including a 7-inch monitor with a touchscreen. The basic action is to import from various sources, switch those inputs live or recorded as live and then […] More

  • Viltroxreviewfeat Jpg

    Review: The Viltrox AF 23mm f/1.4 for Fujifilm X is a Superb Value

    Until recently, if you were a Fujifilm X-Series camera owner, your options for fast prime lenses (f/1.4 or wider) were limited to (relatively) expensive options from Fujinon, or less expensive third-party manual focus lenses. Fujifilm has recently opened their autofocus protocols, and we can expect more third party autofocus fast prime lenses soon. Until then, […] More

  • Graflex Graphic 35 Review 9 Jpg

    Graflex Graphic 35 Review – Made for These Pages

    I founded Casual Photophile as a place to write about interesting cameras. Cameras with history or cameras which were used in notable ways, or cameras with unique features and unusually fine lenses or cameras of uncommon design or rare value. But it’s been a while since I last shot a camera which felt like a perfect fit for the pages […] More

  • Oppoopticalzoomfeat Jpg

    Oppo Unveils 85-200mm Continuous Optical Zoom for Smartphones

    The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo today unveiled a number of new technologies for smartphone photography, including an 85-200mm continuous optical zoom, a next-gen RGBW sensor, a 5-axis OIS, and a next-gen under-screen camera. Here’s a look at the new innovative technologies Oppo showed off today during its online “Future Imaging Technology Launch Event”: 85-200mm Continuous […] More

  • Dji Mini Se 680x350 01 Jpg

    DJI Mini SE Entry-Level Drone Announced

    DJI has just announced the entry-level Mini SE. The compact unfoldable drone comes equipped with a stabilized 3-axis gimbal and 1/2.3″ CMOS camera capable of capturing video at up to 2.7K as well as stills at up to 4000 x 3000 resolution. Aimed at entry-level users, the DJI Mini SE is meant to be easy […] More

  • Mapuche The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Mapuche – The Leica camera Blog

    The Mapuche people want to be acknowledged as living outside the existing state system. For a long time, they have had to see themselves being pushed back, while their social structures increasingly crumbled. In recent years, however, they have been putting up a noticeably stronger resistance. The photographer, Pablo Ernesto Piovano, offers deep insight into […] More

  • Scope2 Featured Jpg

    Anamorphic Lenses, Attachments and Adapters Battle – Media Division SCOPE Chapter Two

    The Anamorphic battle between cinema lenses, projector attachments, and anamorphic lens adapters is the main focus of the new Media Division Epic Episode SCOPE Chapter Two. After the first chapter with theoretical essentials of anamorphic shooting, the Media Division host Nikolas Moldenhauer takes us on a two-hour-long journey through practical tests and much more. Back […] More

  • A Review Of The 7artisans 60mm F2 8 Mark Ii Macro Lens Jpg

    A Review of the 7Artisans 60mm f/2.8 Mark II Macro Lens

    Macro photography in the field is not always easy or comfortable, often requiring long hours outdoors in the heat. So now more than ever, I’m seeing the benefits of lightweight lenses and bodies. Something as simple as being less burdened by a heavy camera in the field can help you brave the heat just a […] More

  • Fujifilm Xe4 Review 2 Of 15 Jpg

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    Fujifilm X-E4 Review – Rekindling my Relationship with Digital Photography

    In my review of the Fujifilm X100V, I wrote about my switch to film photography over the previous year as a result of feeling uninspired by digital photography. The efficiency and perfection of digital photography made the process feel stale and predictable. I found myself only using my Sony A6000 for special occasions and travel, obsessing […] More

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