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  • Burst Bloom The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    Burst & Bloom – The Leica camera Blog

    Taking pictures of fireworks can be a fun experience that proves quite the technical challenge for many photographers. Beginners may struggle with photographing such a brief and bright subject streaking across a dark summer sky, and advanced users may need to optimize their manual camera controls while also keeping in mind things like location and […] More

  • Apogee Duet3 Featured Jpg

    Apogee Duet 3 Launched – Digital USB-C Audio Interface

    Long before the film and television world battled the harsh and brittle new world of digital cinematography capture, the audio world fought and won this same battle. Back then nerdy audio-enthusiasts came up with ways of making the important conversion from analog to digital as natural as possible. One of the protagonists in this transition […] More

  • Canon Sure Shot A1 13 Jpg

    A Day at the Beach with the Canon Sure Shot A1

    The Canon Sure Shot A1 is a point-and-shoot 35mm film camera which first debuted in 1994. It’s a friendly, cute and simple-to-use camera, with a good lens and some interesting features not found in typical point-and-shoots of its era, most obvious of which is its ability to operate underwater to depths as great as 15 […] More

  • Leicammonochromtyp246 Jpg

    Why I Bought a Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)

    I used to view digital Leica cameras as a classic example of style over substance. Surely this is a perfect example of a company developing a luxury brand on the back of their, admittedly wonderful, history and heritage. In a world of ever-increasing sensors, rapidly improved autofocus, and seemingly endless technical innovations to assist the […] More

  • Barboza 680x350 Jpg

    Barboza – Cycling Fashion Shoot with the BMPCC 6K Pro

    German sportswear brand Barboza has an ethos for designing high-quality performance clothing that is functional, timeless and stylish, and its strong visuals are a key element of its brand story. To launch its new cycling collection, the team turned to long-term collaborator, DoP Max Mesch who decided to join the talent, taking to two wheels […] More

  • Im Here And Now The Leica Camera Blog Jpg

    I’m here and now – The Leica camera Blog

    His pictures reveal a fascination for things that appear self-evident: Sasha Lytvyn’s photographic work is dedicated to recurring themes relating to humanity, existence and life itself, where he refers to moments of daily life as personal discoveries. Your images were created at different times and at different locations. What connects them?Over the years, I’ve realized […] More

  • Nik Collection 4 Review There Are Diamonds In The Rough 1 Jpg

    Nik Collection 4 Review: There Are Diamonds in the Rough

    DxO’s new Nik Collection 4 comes with several new features and upgrades but still retains the familiar workflow and film simulations fans are looking for. The subtle changes make for an easy transition for long-time users and are bound to attract new interested photographers, too. Although Nik Collection has exchanged hands several times — from […] More

  • Spaceplatefeattt Jpg

    Revolutionary ‘Spaceplate’ Could Eliminate Traditional Camera Lenses

    Researchers from the University of Ottowa have developed a concept that would reduce the size of lenses by a huge margin and effectively eliminate the size of modern optics if combined with a metalens. The team tackled not lens elements themselves, but instead the space between them. The researchers explain that the last few centuries […] More

  • Differences Gh5 Gh5ii Gh6 Featured Jpg

    What are the Differences Between the GH5, GH5 II and GH6

    Big news from Panasonic recently with the official release of the GH5 II and a development announcement for the GH6. It changes the game for their Micro Four Thirds lineup. If you are a current Panasonic shooter, perhaps with a GH5, you are likely checking out these next-generation offerings to determine your best path forward. […] More

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