4. May 2021

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    What She Said – The Leica camera Blog

    Deanna Templeton is very involved with youth culture and female identity. Starting with her own diaries, she went in search of her own adolescence, and has spent 17 years photographing girls and women in different locations. To some degree, she sees herself reflected in them. Her What She Said series was published by Mack Press […] More

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    Know FAA Flight Rules Police Yourself Public Safety Drone

    In this week’s public safety column, Steve Rhode writes about what’s most important in developing a safety culture in the drone industry.  Pilots: know the FAA flight rules, and police yourselves. The following is one of a biweekly series on public safety drone issues by Steve Rhode, Chief Pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and […] More

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    Astraea Announces Partnership With Cuebiq – sUAS News

    Astraea, developer of the EarthAI geospatial analytics platform, today announced a partnership with Cuebiq, a leader in mobility intelligence and offline consumer insights. Fusing geospatial and mobility datasets give organizations a comprehensive understanding of the Earth’s surface and those who live on it. By combining Cuebiq’s innovative, flexible tools and vast mobility data catalog with […] More

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    DJI FPV drone LEAK: 12 features + specs + price

    DJI FPV drone’s specs, features, and price were leaked by a well-known retailer. In this video, I discuss its 12 features, price and availability, its advantages and disadvantages, and who it is for. Complete specs and other info here: https://360rumors.com/dji-fpv-faq/ Correction: Price is $1299, not $1399 WHERE TO BUY: ► DJI FPV Combo (drone + […] More

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    Building a Drone Safety Management System: The Four Pillars

    A drone safety management system (SMS) is critical to building a culture of safety in the organization.  Safety expert Fred Roggero explains how to develop an effective SMS. Don’t Fly Blind – The Four Pillars of Safety Management By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Guest Contributor) A solid Safety Management System (SMS) will drive an organization’s safety […] More