2. May 2021

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  • Dyson Swarm Png

    Drone Swarms: the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

    Dyson Swarm: Rfc, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons By: Dawn M.K Zoldi The buzz around drone swarms, multiple unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) capable of coordinating their actions to accomplish shared objectives, has created a bad image in the minds of many. “Swarm” has a negative connotation, evoking images of killer bees, hornets and other things […] More

  • Skydio X2 Scaled Jpg

    Skydio – Field Support Representative – sUAS News

    Skydio is the leading US drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight, the key technology for the future of drones and aerial transportation. The Skydio team combines deep expertise in artificial intelligence, best-in-class hardware and software product development, and operational excellence to empower a broader, more diverse audience of drone users – from action […] More

  • Zilr Np Powerkit4 Jpg

    ZILR NP-F970 Battery with USB-C Power Delivery Announced

    The newly announced ZILR NP-F970 USB-C PD battery has a capacity of 72.36Wh (10,050mAh). The base terminal of the battery supports the standard 7.4V while the USB-C PD supports various outputs that include 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 15V/1.2A, and 20V/0.9A to power a wide range of USB-C devices and cameras that are capable of USB-C continuous […] More