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    Western Digital Unveils SanDisk Professional Storage Solutions for Pro Creators

    If you’re a content creator in need of professional-grade storage drives, Western Digital’s newly unveiled SanDisk Professional line of premium storage solutions is just for you. Professional photographers and creatives across a wide range of industries are always working with data that’s in a perpetual state of motion. Whether working with photos, high-resolution videos, or […] More

  • Location Scouting Roger Deakins Featured Jpg

    Location Scouting Workflow of Roger Deakins

    Pre-production is an oft overlooked aspect of filmmaking. It certainly doesn’t have the same flash as yelling “Action!” on set or looking through the viewfinder of a cinema camera, but it can have a serious impact on the film. One particular part of it is location scouting. When you are thinking about things like cinematography […] More

  • Present And Past Burmas Democratic Transition Jpg

    Present and Past: Burma’s Democratic Transition

    In Myanmar six years ago, there was still a hope that the future would be peaceful and liberal. The photographer Jana Sophia Nolle was there in 2015, when the opposition Democratic Party won the election. Her photographs are imbued with a feeling of confidence and optimism, of transformation and change. Today, however, the transient mood […] More

  • Lumix G Updates Featured Jpg

    Panasonic Announces New Firmware Updates for LUMIX GH5S, G9, and G100

    Panasonic announced new free firmware updates for three LUMIX G series cameras which will be available on June 9, 2021. The GH5S and G9 both get improved AF, red REC frame indicator, Power Save Mode, and improved functions for vertical shooting. The GH5S additionally gets RAW output over HDMI for both DCI 4K and 3.7K […] More

  • Primoplan Jpg

    Primoplan 75mm f/1.9 II Review: A Lens with Background-Melting Bokeh

    Founded in Germany and based in Görlitz, Saxony, Meyer Optik Görlitz can look back on an eventful history since 1896. During this path, the company designed and manufactured exceptional lenses that have been accompanied by photographers for over 125 years. Besides standing out for its quality construction standards, Meyer Optik Görlitz has emphasized a great […] More

  • Fed2 5790 Jpg

    To Jupiter-8 and Back on a Rainbow of FEDs

    I’m a FED collector, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. These compact, basic and finicky rangefinders have become my loyal camera companions, and their interesting history makes them all the more fun to collect. Plus, they come in fun colors. My first FED was saved from an outlet box. Much like my Zeiss Ikon […] More

  • Medium Format From Full Frame Adapter Produces Astounding Results 1 Jpg

    Full-Frame to Medium Format Adapter Produces Astounding Results

    Photographer and YouTuber Mathieu Stern recently tested the Fotodiox Rhinocam Vertex, an adapter that claims to allow photographers to easily capture medium format images with a full-frame camera. Not only does it appear to work, but it is also more than that. It is, as he says, “a revolution.” Fotodiox originally pitched the adapter as […] More

  • Sony Fx9 Firmware 2 0 680x350 Jpg

    Sony FX9 Gets 4K120p RAW Output with Firmware Version 2.10

    As promised earlier, the flagship Sony FX9 can now output 4K Raw video up to 120fps. The feature is unlocked by Firmware version 2.10 which also brings an improvement in white balance adjustment. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to record 4K120p internally straight away, but only by using the XDCA-FX9 extension unit which will set […] More

  • 7 Things To Try During Your Sl2 Test Drive Jpg

    7 Things to Try During Your SL2 Test Drive

    The Leica SL2 and SL2-S are a powerhouse camera system, with enough pro-level capabilities to tackle anything. And while the streamlined controls are easy to approach, what features should you give the most attention when first getting started? With Leica Stores across the country offering a free 1-hour test drive of the camera and a […] More

  • Sumosky Featured Jpg

    SUMOSKY – Expandable LED Wall for Easy VFX Studio Work

    The good folks at SUMOLight have developed a clever solution for the rapid deployment of large-scale backlit LED walls for (high-end) studio work. The SUMOSKY system is ready to go in a fraction of the time it takes for classic backlit backdrops, and it offers high-quality RGBWW output, green screen, blue screen, custom colors, gradients, […] More

  • Voigtlander29mmf08supernoktonreview Jpg

    Voigtlander 29mm f/0.8 Super-Nokton Review: The Fastest Lens in the World

    In this article and 15-minute video, I will review the Voigtlander 29mm Super Nokton Micro Four Thirds lens. Like all the other Voigtlander lenses in the Micro Four Thirds lineup, it features a solid metal housing, manual focus, and no electronic contact points. It has 12 aperture blades and the signature de-clickable aperture ring for […] More

  • Peak Design Launches A Marketplace To Buy And Sell Its Used Gear Jpg

    Peak Design Launches a Marketplace to Buy and Sell Used Peak Gear

    Peak Design has launched a peer-to-peer online marketplace for shoppers to buy and sell used Peak Design gear, which is guaranteed for life regardless of the owner. The San Francisco head-quartered brand designs and sells everyday carry solutions for photographers and travelers, from differently sized bags, organizers, and straps, to clips and tripods. The company […] More

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